• 1 Large Raw Carrot (2.7 oz): 37 Calories
  • 1 Medium Raw Carrot (61 grams): 25 Calories
  • 1 Small Boiled Carrot (1.6 oz): 16 Calories
  • 1 Large Boiled Carrot (2.7 oz): 27 Calories
  • ½ Cup of Raw Baby Carrots: 26 Calories

Carrots are a great low-fat snack. The calorie count of carrots depends on their size. However, even with a large carrot you are still not eating a lot of calories. They are relatively inexpensive, common in most supermarkets or farmer’s markets, and can be found year round. They have very few calories and pack a powerful nutritional punch. What is more appealing about this crunchy orange snack is the flexibility it provides. Carrots can be eaten raw, boiled, grated, steamed, sliced, or mixed with yogurt and other food.

Carrots can be cut up into sticks and served with dip or ranch dressing. Keep in mind while the dressing is delicious, each tablespoon of dressing has around 63 calories – nearly the equivalent of 2 large raw carrots! A better alternative is to use yogurt or hummus.

Another great way to prepare carrots is to grate them or make carrot “noodles”. Use a grater or a spiral slicer to cut up the carrot. That’s it. It’s a great snack for kids and digests well. You can top with a little brown sugar or yogurt. Carrot noodles can be steamed or mixed in with stir fried vegetables and make a great vegetarian dish.

Carrots are a great healthy snack with a ton of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Carrots get their bright orange color from the large amount of beta-carotene inside them. Beta carotene is helpful with vision and preventing cognitive decline. The lutein in carrots is helpful for eyes and may prevent macular degeneration, a nasty eye condition.

Carrots are great for those watching their weight since they are made up of 88% water. The rest consists of sugars, proteins and a minuscule amount of fat. Carrots often help with digestion due to the dietary fiber found in them.

Fun Fact: Orange carrots were produced in the Netherlands since their flag is orange. Originally, most carrots were of different colors like purple, yellow, and red.

Overall, carrots are a great low-calorie snack that can be prepared in a variety of ways; they taste great, and renowned for their health properties. Carrots are a good source of antioxidants and may prevent cardiovascular disease.
Carrots are one of the most consumed vegetables in the world. In the United States, the cartoon character Bugs Bunny helped popularize carrots for an entire generation of children. If you’re having a down day, have a carrot to improve your mood and health.