• Banana bread, 1 slice (60 g) – about 196 calories
All of us like bananas, they are healthy, nutritious and the best part is that they are available year-round. Bananas are the second most exported fruit after tomatoes (yes, tomatoes are actually a fruit). Bananas are delicious, but if eaten all the time you may get bored of them. Banana bread is a great way to spice up your banana diet and the recipe is simple. It’s a great way to enjoy the banana in a different way. People who want to lose weight can start eating banana bread as there are hardly any calories in it.

Banana bread recipe ideas

Healthy banana bread is perfect for those who want something nutritious and a dessert for breakfast. The secret of healthy banana bread is the ingredients that you use in making the bread. Those who want to maintain their weight but without losing the taste and the nutrition can modify the ingredients to create ideal bread according to your needs.

Whole wheat flour is low in sugar and carbohydrates. Hence those who want to maintain weight can benefit from whole wheat flour. You can also use sprouted grain flour, which is rich in amino acids and lysine.

Choose healthy sweeteners

Although the banana is naturally sweet, that may not be enough for everyone’s pallet. Use whole cane brown sugar to add sweetness to your recipe or those who are diabetic could use a sugar alternative. Other good alternatives are raw honey, agave, or syrup.

Choose skim milk or low fat milk

In the list of ingredients for banana bread you will find that you need milk. Choose to use low fat or skim milk in place of full fat milk. This will give your bread the same creamy taste without adding all the calories from whole milk.


Weight-watchers may be interested in knowing the calorie content in the banana bread. The calories will mainly depend upon the ingredients you are using in your banana bread. Here are the approximate calories in banana bread.

Banana bread, 1 slice (60 g) – about 196 calories

  • Fat calories: 25%
  • Protein calories: 6%
  • Carb calories: 69%

Banana bread has various nutritional benefits as well and it provides potassium, calcium, iron, protein, vitamin A, C and sodium.