Some people have been avoiding shrimp for long period of time because of its unstable benefits to people and one of these is its potential to offer high cholesterol. But after such years, scientists with the collaboration of dietitians, claim that shrimps are can now be categorized among healthy diets since it was found out that this seafood has to offer good health benefits especially when steamed. Shrimps are usually low in fat and can be actually served in substitute to beef and other fatty meat food. Calories in shrimp vary depending on how it is cooked but in general, this seafood is lesser in calorie content compared to meats like pork, chicken and beef. For example, five ounce of shrimp only contains 150 calories while 150 grams of beef is equivalent to 390 calories. So what are you going to eat, shrimp or beef? Think and see if shrimp is the right food for you.

In America, shrimps are considered as next to tuna when it comes to their favorite seafood dishes. Shrimps belong to the most frequently eaten seafood in a diet among majority of American population. They are loved by most of American seafood partisans given the fact that it is high in cholesterol content, but should a dieter should deprive himself from eating shrimp completely because of this misconception? Well in fact it is NO, this indeed has a high level of cholesterol content but for calories, it is not. But unlike other cholesterol rich foods, this seafood is very low in saturated fat that’s why its cholesterol is not that harmful in our body.

So if you can now conclude that you are also a shrimp lover but at the same time on your goal to lose weight or keep yourself from having that perfect figure, go ahead and never deprive yourself from eating such kind of delicious seafood as you may miss the opportunity to taste it. All you need to do is to avoid yourself from eating continuous shrimp foods especially those fried ones and those in creamy sauces. Forget about making this kind of seafood as mere appetizers instead eat this partnered with rice for better taste.

If you are a person who is conscious when it comes to the calorie content of shrimps, here are some of the recipes of shrimps that you may cook instead to avoid suffering from gaining weight while eating it:

  • Kebabs
  • Shrimps in tomato spaghetti
  • Shrimps in mango salad
  • Shrimp with spring vegetables
  • Shrimp in pasta salad
  • Shrimp in fresh herb salad

If you don’t want anything from this above mentioned recipes of shrimps to eat, the safest way to cook this seafood is to team it unpeeled. To keep calories of shrimp in low content, add sprits of fresh lemon or a splash of hot sauce on it. According to computation of nutritionists, 10 large cooked shrimps is equivalent to 84 calories but once they drowned in creamy sauces or butter, the calorie content of shrimps is being altered and can produce more calories once intake. Steaming shrimps instead of frying or putting butter on it can be a heart-healthy meal.